Anime-Style 2D Side Scroller MMO Elsword Celebrates Its First Anniversary With Giveaways

It has now been a full year since the anime-themed massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Elsword first launched. To celebrate its one year anniversary, the developers of Elsword have prepared a lot of fun activities and giveaways. The top prizes are five custom-skinned Nintendo 3DS Portable Gaming Systems. From May 4 to May 6 gamers can get a raffle ticket by logging in and claiming the special “3DS Raffle Ticket” that can be found in the in-game mailbox. Winners will be announced on Wednesday May, 9.

elsword anniversary


The other events are already live now and will continue until May 8. The anniversary events are:

  • Anniversary Cubes – Coupons will be awarded to players who craft special Anniversary Cubes which contain special rewards, including rare Ariel Magic Amulets!
  • Anniversary Cake – Now available for purchase, this item recovers 50% HP, and removes flame, poison, and curse.
  • Limited time Anniversary Coin – this accessory (worn on the top of the head) can be purchased from Luriel and will only be available during the event.
  • Play time bonus – players who log in for more than one hour will receive special rewards, such as Accessory Cubes, Ariel’s Ice Burner and Fluorite Ore Exchange Tickets. Each day players will get a different reward.
  • Increased drop rate – there will also be a drop rate and EXP increase during specific times.

Elsword is a 2D side-scrolling anime-themed free-to-play MMO. Often called an action brawler, it focuses on fast-paced combat. Unlike other MMOs that try to get as close as possible to realistic graphics, Elsword takes a different approach and uses anime-style graphics with with colorful over-the-top animation. While this might not appeal to everyone, Elsword’s high quality hand-drawn artwork, cutscenes and cell-shaded graphics have won over many fans of old school gaming and anime. Plus, the MMO features a lot of great voice acting. Last year it was named the 2011 OnRPG Online Gaming Awards Best Side-Scroller.

Link: Elsword official website