Top F2P MMORPG Allods Online Enjoyed by Over 3.5 Million Players Worldwide

Less than a year after its launch in May 2011, Allods Online is a rousing success with over 3.5 million players worldwide.

allods online top f2p mmorpgAllods Online is a 3D MMORPG developed by Astrum Nival, the development studio owned by Mail.Ru. It is published in English, German and French and is considered an AAA game (i.e. a top tier game title) because of its long development cycle of over four years and its budget of $12 million. Allods Online’s top quality production values include full motion capture animation, art by internationally award-winning artists, and a soundtrack by Mark Morgan, the composer of Dexter and Fallout 1 & 2.

Why Players Love Allods Online

One thing that players love about the game is how much content there is, especially for a free MMO. Allods Online is set in an enormous game world world with six races, eight archetypes, 28 classes, hundreds of skills and more than 2,000 quests.

The free to play MMORPG is set in a fictional world that is a mixture of both science fiction and fantasy. Two warring factions, League and Empire, vie for control of allods – islands floating in the Astral. Aboard an Astral ship players can explore the ever-changing Astral, discover uncharted allods, engage in ship-to-ship combat, and fight massive Astral demons.

Allods Online Free Giveaway

The recent content update Allods Online: Undaunted introduced the greatly anticipated survival mode, powerful new classes, more astral demons and enhanced new player experience. Now is a good time to start playing Allods Online because to celebrate, publisher gPotato is giving away boxes of Gem Shards (Boutique Coins in Europe), an alternative Item Shop currency, to each and every Allods player.

The gift boxes contain anywhere from 100 to 1000 gPotatos ($1.00/€1.00 to $100/€100) and will be distributed to all existing accounts on October 12. New accounts made after October 12 will be given one Box of Gem Shards once a character on the account has reached level 20. Get that hat or mount feed you’ve always wanted without paying a cent! Or try out the newly introduced Hall of Changes to revitalize an old character with a new hair style, skin tone, and even gender. – from the Allods Online press release

Website link: Allods Online (English)

Game of Gods Expansion Out in February

Volume 5: Game of Gods is due out this February 2012. It will feature tons of new content including hundreds of new quests, an increase in the level cap, a new Bard class, more PvP battlegrounds, and even more open world exploration through the release of 13 all new astral allods in an all new 4th layer of Astral space. Allods Online will also be fully integrated with social media which will allow players to share screenshots and post important in-game events to their favourite social networks without having to leave the game.

It is also expected that there will be celebratory launch events in February, possibly with free giveaways like the gift boxes mentioned above.