Possible Mid-2012 Release Date for Airship Combat MMO Guns of Icarus

In an interview at Lightspeed Gaming, Muse Games revealed that they are aiming for a possible mid-2012 release date for their upcoming MMO, Guns of Icarus Online. Guns of Icarus Online is the expanded full featured MMO version of the current browser game Guns of Icarus.

Guns of Icarus, possibly coming soon in mid 2012

Guns of Icarus, possibly coming soon in mid 2012

According to Lieberman from Muse Games:

There are two modes of play that together embody what Guns of Icarus Online is all about. On the smaller scale, the game is about the thrill of flying and moment-to-moment airship combat, with its strategy, skill and frantic action, and the teamwork of a well-knit crew where everyone has a job to do. These experiences are the core of the PvP combat mode that we will aim to release first.

In the campaign mode on the larger scale, which we will expand to, the game is about the politics of alliance and conquest, and the economics of nurturing the growth of struggling towns while increasing your own profits through trade.

As the captain of a merchant ship, you will be the one that towns depend on to deliver the supplies they need to survive. Lose the cargo en route, and shortages will hamper growth and affect the local economy. As a warship captain, you’ll be on the front line defending or expanding your faction’s territory, protecting merchant fleets so shipments get where they’re going – or raiding them and bringing the spoils home.

In other words, it is a planned as a multiplayer airship PvP game. No word on whether it will be free to play although we here at bestfreemmorpg2012.com think it likely as the browser version is f2p and because most PvP MMORPGs nowadays have embraced the free to play or freemium business model.

guns of icarus 2012 mmorpg
Announced Features:

  • Competitive multiplayer – Co-op & PvP
  • Three classes – Gunner, Engineer, and Captain
  • Unique combat system – Shooter, time-management, navigation
  • Post-apocalyptic setting with a steampunk/dieselpunk look
  • Extensive customization with lots of weapons, engines, and decorative ship parts
  • Robust skills system and player classes
  • Environmental effects playing a key role in ship status and combat strategy
  • Campaign with mission, factions, trade, and crafting – dynamically affecting battlefronts and alliances

There is a gameplay trailer with alpha test footage available at http://gunsoficarus.com. They also have a Facebook page here http://www.facebook.com/GunsOfIcarusOnline.