Maritime Fantasy MMORPG Florensia Adds New Profession System

One of the most-requested features of an MMORPG when you visit forums and such is crafting. In most MMO games, players use and enjoy the PvE and PvP combat content a lot but there is also a large amount of people who also want crafting and profession in the game because it increases the immersion factor – their characters don’t just wander around killing everything in sight, they also have a role to play within the game world such as tailor, herbalist, blacksmith, etc.

Florensia Adds New Profession System

crafting mmorpgThis December the free to play 3D maritime (sailing/pirate) fantasy MMORPG Florensia has released a new expansion that adds a “Profession System.” Characters in Florensia can now choose one of four available professions: Armor-smith, Weapon-smith, Goldsmith, or Alchemist. Players can craft helpful weapons, accessories, and potions.

Each of the four professions in Florensia is divided into five skill levels, from beginner to expert. As is usual in this type of skill, excelling in one’s chosen field will allow players to craft bigger and better goods, assuming they’ve managed to gather the required ingredients or raw materials that:

  • are dropped by monsters
  • can be bought from NPCs
  • may also be bought from other players

If a player finds a job unfulfilling for any reason, thankfully, they are able to drop their profession and start fresh with a new one at any time.

Sailing the Open Seas Pirate-Style in an MMORPG

For those who are not particularly knowledgeable about Florensia, all you need to now is that it is a new f2p MMORPG that allows you to fight both on land and on sea. You can build a variety of boats and sail on the ocean attacking other boats. In short, it’s a pirate fantasy!

However, it is not dark fantasy. Florensia has vibrant, colorful graphics that are somewhat anime-themed.

There is also a ton of PvP content as players can fight against single opponents, whole parties or even guilds in the epic Harbor Occupation War. There are Free Battle Zones, War Zones and a tower with 100 floors.

Link: official Florensia site