Free to Play MMORPGs 2012 Releases: Sevencore

Update: Open Beta launched September 6, 2012. This post was originally written Oct. 12, 2011 so check out the official website today to find the latest news and to sign up for this new open beta MMORPG.

Link: Sevencore open beta sign up page

Title: Sevencore
Developer: Noria (Korean-Based)
Publisher: Gala Networks Europe
Setting: Fusion Fantasy (science fiction and fantasy)
Open Beta Registration available at the website click here

sevencore top mmo game 2012

Sevencore – Free MMO Game 2012

Sevencore is due out in 2012. Apparently it was shown behind closed doors at Gamescom 2011 and got a positive reaction from testers. The game has a unique emphasis on mounts, as you can see from the gameplay video and game art. Players will be able to ride both animal and mechanical mounts and can engage in combat while riding them through using the special abilities these mounts grant.

Current information from the news release by GPotato:

“SEVENCORE will immerse gamers in a deep and engaging storyline that will evolve via expansions. The narrative will be distilled through quests and NPCs, and each race and faction will experience the story differently based on their own unique in-game history and culture. As they progress, players will be able to piece together the events and motives behind the game’s world history that shapes their daily gameplay, until they understand the bigger picture and ultimately become a force to change the future of SEVENCORE’s universe.

SEVENCORE’s gameplay will feature in-depth customization of characters but has a unique emphasis on mounts, offering players the chance to ride both animal and mechanical variants. Players will engage in combat via these mounts, harnessing a range of special abilities they grant as players level up, as well as a variety of exciting options to suit the player’s personal style.

SEVENCORE’s distinctive fusion-fantasy art style will set the game apart visually from every other MMORPG. Each race and faction draws on their cultural diversity to bring unique spells, armours and weapons to players as they charge into the accelerating conflict that threatens the game’s world.”